Suspension & Steering Servicing in Newcastle

Precision Mobile Mechanics specialise in providing suspension and steering servicing at our Newcastle mechanical workshop. We have a team of fully qualified mechanics as well as all the latest tools and equipment to assist us in providing a professional and comprehensive service. We cover all makes and models of vehicle and we are happy to use either genuine or quality after-market parts to complete any repair or replacement jobs – the choice is yours.

With almost 20 years of experience providing suspension and steering mechanical services, we have built a reputation for being fair, reliable and affordable. To make a booking or request more information about any of our services, give us a call today on 02 4948 4700.

Affordable Steering and Suspension Services in Newcastle

When you bring your vehicle to Precision Mobile Mechanics, we’ll make sure that your car is steering correctly, that your wheels are aligned properly and that the suspension components are operating the way the manufacturer intended them to. Along with proper maintenance of brakes and tyres, suspension and steering upkeep is vital in ensuring that your car remains safe and roadworthy. Sometimes suspension components (such as bushings) will wear down, causing friction against moving parts and the chassis. This is obviously not good for the greater wellbeing of your car, so if you start hearing a rubbing noise or even a squeaking metal sound, it’s time to book your car in for a service. Replacing the bushings is a much more economical option than repairing damage to your suspension and chassis.

Failing to maintain these components can result in lacklustre vehicle safety, along with poor ride quality. If a suspension or steering failure has occurred outside a scheduled service, we’d be more than happy to ensure that your vehicle remains safe for you and other road users. Get in touch with us if something doesn’t feel or sound right in your car.

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